Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mission Critical

Associations that do not pay attention to their mission statements risk losing the support that led to the drafting of those mission statements. It's important for an association to regularly remind its members about what the organization's mission is.

The energy and enthusiasm and vocal support of the association that resulted in the mission statement tends to drift and fade unless it is regularly highlighted.

Here are some samples of the mission statements of some of our client associations. They are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.

ETA's mission is to strengthen the commercial embroidery business through member education, business support, representation, networking, research, and consumer outreach.

The leadership goal of MSPA is to increase the value, acceptance, and use of mystery shopping, as well as to enhance overall professionalism in the industry.

Leading the Future of Dietetics

The mission of TSMSS is to promote certification and professional growth through networking, within the healthcare industry.

Members of these associations do not have to wonder what the organizations are all about. The mission statements are clear and concise. If your association's mission statement is weak, hidden, or confusing, the time to adjust it is now, before the energy that helped build the organization dissipates.

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